Shout Out: Ragazza

by thedishandthedirt on February 1, 2011

I almost rolled my eyes when I heard that yet another thin-crust Neopolitan-style pizza joint was opening in Nopa.  It feels like there was a thin-crust pizza attack this past year, with places like Zero Zero, Flour + Water, Una Pizza Napoletana, etc. etc….which are all good, and in fact, great, but really?  All at the same time?!

Evidently, one more ain’t going to hurt.  Ragazza opened its doors somewhat recently on Divisadero near Haight, after its sister restaurant, Gialina, made a name for itself over in Glen Park.  Ragazza was busy on a Tuesday night, but after waiting 10 minutes in the cold (brrrr, it’s been cold here), the smells inside that were wafting about were absolutely intoxicating.  I crossed my fingers that the food would live up to the olfactory hype.

Aside from the pizzas, the menu offers antipasti, roasts, and contorni.  The table decided to share an antipasti, a couple of contorni, and two pies.  We started with the prosciutto di Parma with medjool dates, housemade mozzarella, and fennel salad, which I neglected to take a picture of because it was across the table and I wasn’t about to make my four friends wait to dig in — it was embarrassing enough taking the photos here.  But I’ve made a deal with the devil, writing about food, and alas, that means I should provide pictures, too, despite my gut instinct to eat first.  In any event, the prosciutto was lovely, the mozzarella delicious and surprisingly spring-y (as in bouncy, not the season), and the medjool dates a nice foil to the licorice fennel.  Then, the really good stuff came…

The amatriciana with tomato, pancetta, chilies, pecorino, oregano, and egg.

The wild nettles with preserved lemon, red onions, and aged provolone.

The roasted brussel sprouts with Boccalone Iberico lardo.

The roasted root vegetables.

I was so hesitant to try yet another pizza place, as odds are that I will finally find one that I won’t like, right?  Well, it’s not going to be Ragazza.  They offer some seriously delicious pizza, with crusts so thin they are almost cracker-like.  The crust is easy to differentiate from its thin-crust compadres.  To boot, the sides were delicious and tasty and the ambience casual and relaxed.  Ends up that it tasted as good as it smelled.

And  what’s not to love about ending with some Bi-rite malted ice cream.

Ragazza on Urbanspoon

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