Shout Out: Attic (San Mateo)

by thedishandthedirt on February 28, 2012

Please tell me where you get good Filipino food in this city, and not from a truck.  Hey, I love Hapa SF and Señor Sisig, too, but sometimes I want to park my ass down to eat some lechon.  Well, gratefully, a mini high school reunion forced me to venture outside of the city and down to San Mateo, where I was lucky enough to find Chef Tim Luym again at the Attic, who is sorely missed from his San Francisco Poleng Lounge days (although he does have a great truck these days, The Wow Truck, which has some awesome silog and garlic fried rice).

Some of the friends I saw that night I’ve known since 7th grade, some even earlier.  Many of us hadn’t seen each other for years, so it was pretty incredible to all sit down at a table and get along like it was high school again (except this time, we were sitting at a table as opposed to sitting on some tree stumps at Marshall High School talking shit about all the passerbyers).  I had so much fun meeting their mates, reminiscing, and having a happy, hearty, laugh-filled meal with friends that loved you way back when.  It’s with these type of friends that you can really enjoy…

Sisig with an egg on top!

Or a dish called “Death by Pork”:  housemade sinigang chicharonnes (pork rinds), pinakurat vinegar dip, lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), house made ‘mang tomas’ sauce. spicy crispy pata (braised, roasted, and fried pig trotter), and calamansi-soy sauce.

I admit, this was no low calorie meal (when are my meals ever so?), but it was worth every minute on Kezar’s track the next morning (where I made sure to boom the old school jams into my ears, just to keep the feel good vibe continuing).  Go Barristers!

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Julie March 1, 2012 at 1:27 pm

You should try Pampanga’s sisig too, the best sisig in the Philippines.


thedishandthedirt March 3, 2012 at 12:28 am

Where in the Philippines? My husband has a lot of family there, I’d love to know for future reference!


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