Snacktime: Yogorino

by thedishandthedirt on February 14, 2012

I’m just a sucker for anything that remotely tastes like ice cream but doesn’t have the same fat content.  (I’m also just a sucker for ice cream.)  Over the years, I’ve developed a taste for frozen yogurt.  Initially, it started with the corner mart in Cow Hollow on Fillmore and Union (you know which one I’m talking about because you’ve gotten the vanilla/chocolate swirl there, too), but thankfully — blessedly — frozen yogurt is lightyears from what it was then.  One of my favorites is Yogorino.  It’s an Italian chain (if you’re turned off by the word franchise, then the word Italian should bring you back into the fold).  This frozen yogurt is luscious.  It is seriously creamy, with the hint of tartness that you get from natural frozen yogurt, but with a balanced sweetness to give you a fulfilling ice cream-like experience.  There’s a bunch of different toppings, but I always go with fruit.  To boot, they are one of those companies you feel you have to like, with their biodegradable spoons and cups.  Sheesh.  For you traditionalists who love fat content, my sons opted for their intense gelato wheel, which features 10 rotating (no, I’m serious, it rotates) flavors of Italian gelato.

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