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by thedishandthedirt on October 18, 2011

I love the story behind Pacific Puffs (which I’ll let you read below).  But let’s just say that as a mom of boys, it makes my heart warm.  Of course, I also wonder whether any of the Pacific Puffs brothers have married — you know, a daughter-in-law…to drive a wedge between a son’s love for his mother.  Yeah, yeah.  It’s probably 30 years in my future, but a mom can worry early, right?!!

Here’s a write-up I did for HeardAbout on these delectable little cream puffs:

Dish Blurb:

The classic cream puff at Pacific Puffs is a delicate choux pastry gently holding a tempting Madagascar vanilla bourbon cream, and swathed with a generous thick chocolate glaze. 

The Dish:

A Pacific Puffs cream puff will defy your expectations of the ordinary cream puff.  Usually, you think light puff and heavy cream.  Well, this puff is the exact opposite.  Pacific Puffs starts with a pastry puff that has all the expected airiness, but some welcome density in its chew.  Then, the puff is filled with a surprisingly light but still smooth and sumptuous cream filling.  A hearty lather of rich chocolate glaze on top finishes the puff.  It’s perfectly puff-tastic.

Plus, the story behind Pacific Puffs is one that would melt any mom’s heart.  Two brothers opened Pacific Puffs to pay homage to their favorite childhood treat – their mom’s homemade cream puffs.  Maintaining a small-batch approach using local ingredients, these two brothers offer their puffs in traditional flavors (vanilla, chocolate) as well as a fruit cream and a changing special flavor (like peanut butter).  The good news is that you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy the puff, you just have to like to eat good stuff. 

The Place:

A little shop sits on the corner of Union and Fillmore with a navy blue awning.  Inside you’ll find a minimal aesthetic with art shout-outs to the Pacific coastline, and an array of pretty puffs sitting behind a glass case.

On the Side: 

Keep your eyes open!  The Puff Truck can be seen around town, such as the FiDi, San Mateo’s OtG and Larkspur.
Pacific Puffs  on Urbanspoon

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Amy Kaitting Reverdy via Facebook October 18, 2011 at 9:18 am

Yum! I want one NOW and I live in France so that’s saying a lot.


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