Shout Out: John Campbell’s Irish Bakery

by thedishandthedirt on August 23, 2011

I once went to a friend’s baby shower in Fairfax, which is the furthest town off of Sir Francis Drake over in Marin County.  While in miles Fairfax isn’t far, with a single road lane for much of Sir Francisco Drake and Golden Gate Bridge traffic to contend with, it’s not always a quick trek.  So it goes without saying that when I lauded (understatement) the scones at the shower, I was surprised to learn that the hostess got the scones from John Campbell’s Irish Bakery…located…in the Outer Richmond.  That’s no quick corner market run, but I can at least say that her drive was worth it.  These are damn good scones.


I recently did a write up for HeardAbout on these scones, and here’s the (unedited) write-up:

The Dish: 

If the morning’s got you down, a chocolate chip scone from John Campbell’s Irish Bakery will give you a boost of optimism…you know, if a plethora of chocolate chips in a delicate scone will do that for you.

John Campbell, the man and the name behind the bakery, holds an Order of the Master Baker and Guild’s Bakery Certificate – meaning, he’s legit.  He brings years of knowledge about traditional Irish baking, producing authentic goods like potato bread, soda bread and effervescent scones.  Unlike those crumbly hockey puck scones from the coffee shop, John’s scones are fluffy, yielding and almost biscuit-like in texture.  As if that wasn’t tempting enough, the man has a generous hand with the chocolate chips making sure your chip to bite ratio is about 100 to 1.

The Place:

There are two retail grab and go storefronts in Cow Hollow and Outer Richmond, both offering all the Irish treats you can imagine – from breads, puffs, scones, cookies, and pasties to sandwiches, meat rolls and fruit tarts.  You can get an entire day’s meal here, from breakfast to dessert.

Side Dish:

Make sure to grab the cherry chocolate bread to go.  You’ll be thanking your foresight later.

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